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Today's quotable quote: Milton Berle: I know why Superman left Krypton. Earth was the only place he could get steroids!

This day in history: 18 April 2018: Paul Revere's Midnight Ride (1775). American patriot Paul Revere was a member of the Sons of Liberty and a participant in the Boston Tea Party, but he is chiefly remembered for his late-night horseback ride to warn the Massachusetts colonists that British soldiers were setting forth on the mission that, as it turned out, began the American Revolution. Two others also rode out with the news, but it is Revere who is celebrated as the midnight rider, despite having been captured before reaching his final destination.

Unknown Facts

Posted on 13 April 2018

How To Solve The Rubik's Cube ? A Universal Solution.. credits : NathanWilson

South Peninsula Water

Posted on 08 April 2018

Cape Town gets celebrated for our water saving efforts in the LA Times. #CapeTownWaterCrisis #CapeWater

This Is The Ultimate Road Trip Across The United States

simplemost.com, 07 April 2018

Who doesn’t love a good road trip? One of the many great things about our country is that you can experience so many unique and amazing things by just jumping in a car. The challenge is with so many options of cool spots to visit, where do you even start?

Interesting Engineering

Posted on 06 April 2018

These incredible sculptures almost look like they disappear as you walk around them via Julian Voss-Andreae

Fox Dives Headfirst Into Snow | North America

youtube.com, 06 April 2018

A red fox pinpoints field mice buried deep beneath the snow, using his sensitive hearing and the magnetic field of the North Pole to plot his trajectory. For...

30+ Art History Memes That Prove Nothing Has Changed In 100s Of Years

boredpanda.com, 01 April 2018

Museums and art galleries can become an overwhelming experience for the casual visitor. Luckily, some people untangle centuries-old ideas and dumb-down them into language us mortals can understand, too. Previously, we covered museum snapchats, now it's time for something else.

An introduction to the Berg River Cape Camino

blog.franschhoek.org.za, 31 March 2018

A Camino is an ongoing walking route providing a space for long distance walkers to introspect on their lives or to get fit or to meet people or simply to enjoy the country side. It is a very personal experience. The concept provides many creative opportunities to the region. Not only those with exi...

Will microwaving a living thing kill it?

quora.com, 26 March 2018

Answer (1 of 26): Microwaves heat up water molecules (mostly this is where their heating work is done, also some other materials) by electrically interacting with them and making them vibrate. Metal also heats up due to being similarly electrically active/receptive. The water needs to be compara...

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In the news

Strange space diamonds come from a large, long-lost planet: As leftover fragments from the formation of the solar system, meteorites can act as time capsules that have some strange stories to tell. Posted on 18 April 2018.

Apple's Internal Memo Warning Employees Not To Leak To The Press Leaks To The Press: Whatever the actual numbers, it seems like some hefty percentage of technology news revolves around leaks of one kind or another. Posted on 18 April 2018.

Low-income HIV patients suffer with healthcare access: Quebecers are not created equal when it comes to accessing anti-retroviral treatment (ART) for HIV and AIDS, a long-term study undertaken by a team from the Research Institute of the McGill University Health Centre (RI-MUHC) in Montreal has revealed. Posted on 18 April 2018.

Cape Town weather

5 day forecast

  • Thu 19: broken clouds

    14 ° - 18 ° Wind 5 km/h / Clouds 68 %
  • Fri 20: scattered clouds

    13 ° - 17 ° Wind 1 km/h / Clouds 44 %
  • Sat 21: sky is clear

    13 ° - 18 ° Wind 1 km/h / Clouds 0 %
  • Sun 22: light rain

    13 ° - 18 ° Wind 3 km/h / Clouds 44 %
  • Mon 23: moderate rain

    16 ° - 18 ° Wind 9 km/h / Clouds 47 %

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News (continued)

Facebook's Tracking Of Non-Users Sparks Broader Privacy Concerns: CEO Mark Zuckerberg said that, for security reasons, the company collects “data of people who have not signed up for Facebook. Posted on 15 April 2018.

Fellow Stagg X Pour-Over Coffee Set: Consistently brew a delicious cup of coffee with the Fellow Stagg X Pour-Over Coffee Set. Posted on 17 April 2018.

Russia’s Telegram ban that knocked out 15M Google, Amazon IP addresses had a precedent in Zello: Russia blocking access to Telegram after the messaging app refused to give it access to encrypted messages has picked up an unintended casualty: we’re now up to over 15 million IP addresses from Amazon and Google getting shut down by the regulators in the process, taking various other (non-Telegram) services down with it. Posted on 18 April 2018.

Sarah Kreps, Jeremy Braddock named inaugural Milstein Faculty Fellows: Sarah Kreps, government, and Jeremy Braddock, English, are the first fellows in the Milstein Program in Technology and Humanity. Posted on 17 April 2018.

Space, The Boring Frontier: Suppose you randomly go 1 million miles somewhere away from our Sun. Posted on 12 April 2018.

Far more than 87m Facebook users had data compromised, MPs told: Former Cambridge Analytica employee gives evidence before parliamentary committeeFar more than 87 million people may have had their Facebook data harvested by Cambridge Analytica, according to evidence from former employee Brittany Kaiser. Posted on 18 April 2018.

Diamonds in Sudan meteorite 'are remnants of lost planet': Scientists say rock fragments that hit the Earth in 2008 contain evidence of a lost planet that was part of the early solar systemDiamonds found in a meteorite that exploded over the Nubian desert in Sudan a decade ago were formed deep inside a “lost planet” that once circled the sun in the early solar system, scientists say. Posted on 18 April 2018.

Trump rejects TPP hopes: Following talks last week that the US was reconsidering joining the TPP, President Trump has said he doesn't 'like' the trade deal, adding that bilateral agreements are preferable. Posted on 18 April 2018.

Space diamonds 'came from lost planet': The space rock that exploded in 2008 seems to have come from the early Solar System. Posted on 17 April 2018.

San Francisco Passes a Law to Rein In Shared Electric Scooters: It's not the only discombobulated city struggling to divide precious space. Posted on 18 April 2018.

The IRS's Online Payment Service Is Back Up And Everyone Gets More Time To File: Because of a "high volume technical issue" that kept key services from functioning, the Internal Revenue Service will give taxpayers one more day, till midnight Wednesday, to get their paperwork in. Posted on 17 April 2018.

Ethicist foresees choosing your baby from dozens of embryos: NEW YORK (AP) -- So you want to have a baby. Posted on 18 April 2018.

Warmer active seasons and fewer freeze-thaw events lead to big changes for the tiniest Arctic ambassadors: Step aside, charismatic polar bear stranded on a melting iceberg. Posted on 17 April 2018.

Huawei, Failing to Crack U.S. Market, Signals a Change in Tactics: As the Chinese telecom giant Huawei roars ahead in the rest of the world, roadblocks in Washington have thwarted its attempts to build a presence in the United States. Posted on 17 April 2018.

Thousands of Android apps are tracking your kids private info: That digital nanny may be a 'gossip. Posted on 17 April 2018.

Comcast xFi Advanced Gateway Modem/Router: Here is Comcast’s most advanced modem/router which promises speed as well as ease of use. Posted on 06 December 2017.

: Posted on 01 January 1970.

Facebook says users must accept targeted ads even under new EU law: MENLO PARK, Calif. Posted on 18 April 2018.

Google unveils Singapore online store, retails Home and Home Mini: Tech giant launches local store and avails its smart speakers at retail outlets, while its execs attempt to ally data security fears by stressing the devices are designed around the company's privacy framework. Posted on 18 April 2018.

Basics: You Share Everything With Your Bestie. Even Brain Waves.: . Posted on 16 April 2018.

How Birds-To-Be Get Oxygen Inside Eggs: Unlike humans, bird embryos don't have an oxygen pipeline from their mothers. Posted on 17 April 2018.

WiFi network named 'remote detonator' prompts gym evacuation: SAGINAW TOWNSHIP, Mich. Posted on 16 April 2018.

You want tarantula with that? At U.S. burger joint, it's an option: DURHAM, N. Posted on 17 April 2018.

Cambridge Analytica Planned To Launch Its Own Cryptocurrency: Cambridge Analytica, the data analytics firm that harvested millions of Facebook profiles of U. Posted on 01 January 1970.

Researchers develop autonomous vehicles to help the blind: New research conducted outside of the auto industry aims to develop data and software to ensure that the needs of the blind are met when autonomous cars become commonplace. Posted on 01 January 1970.

Ancient Chronicles Show Modern Demise of Snub-Nosed Monkeys: China’s 2,000-year-old enthusiasm for keeping meticulous records is providing scientists with an unusual resource to track the dwindling primate numbers. Posted on 17 April 2018.

Facebook and Google urged to set up independent regulator to avoid internet laws: . Posted on 25 January 2018.

Canada Pulls Diplomat Families from Cuba Over Mystery Illness: Scientists can't explain why some diplomats in Cuba hear bizarre noises before experiencing brain issues and hearing loss. Posted on 17 April 2018.

Chinese entrepreneurs have some creative responses to the government’s crackdown on crypto: Last September’s official restrictions have unleashed a wave of below-the-radar innovation. Posted on 18 April 2018.

Seo Idea For Beginners And Advanced Users: If you had a dollar for every service available on the market that says it can take your site to the top of the rankings in just a few weeks, you wouldn't even need to be in web business. Posted on 18 April 2018.

Some of the tech in my workday

Best programming language?

The PYPL PopularitY of Programming Language Index is created by analyzing how often language tutorials are searched on Google.

The TIOBE Programming Community index measures popularity based on the number of skilled engineers world-wide, courses, third party vendors and search engine activity.

w3techs analyses page content to determine the technology used, and also uses publicly available information from sources such as Alexa, Google, Microsoft and ipinfo.io.

While Java and Python top the popularity charts, more than 80% of all websites run on PHP.

Longer term weather forecast

Cape Town weather

  • Thu 19: broken clouds

    14 ° - 18 ° Wind 5 km/h / Clouds 68 %
  • Fri 20: scattered clouds

    13 ° - 17 ° Wind 1 km/h / Clouds 44 %
  • Sat 21: sky is clear

    13 ° - 18 ° Wind 1 km/h / Clouds 0 %
  • Sun 22: light rain

    13 ° - 18 ° Wind 3 km/h / Clouds 44 %
  • Mon 23: moderate rain

    16 ° - 18 ° Wind 9 km/h / Clouds 47 %
  • Tue 24: heavy intensity rain

    16 ° - 17 ° Wind 11 km/h / Clouds 37 %
  • Wed 25: heavy intensity rain

    15 ° - 16 ° Wind 3 km/h / Clouds 21 %
  • Thu 26: sky is clear

    15 ° - 16 ° Wind 2 km/h / Clouds 0 %
  • Fri 27: sky is clear

    15 ° - 17 ° Wind 3 km/h / Clouds 0 %
  • Sat 28: light rain

    15 ° - 18 ° Wind 4 km/h / Clouds 2 %
  • Sun 29: light rain

    16 ° - 17 ° Wind 13 km/h / Clouds 74 %
  • Mon 30: light rain

    15 ° - 17 ° Wind 10 km/h / Clouds 1 %
  • Tue 01: light rain

    16 ° - 20 ° Wind 3 km/h / Clouds 67 %
  • Wed 02: light rain

    16 ° - 17 ° Wind 6 km/h / Clouds 24 %
  • Thu 03: light rain

    15 ° - 17 ° Wind 5 km/h / Clouds 12 %
  • Fri 04: light rain

    15 ° - 15 ° Wind 6 km/h / Clouds 69 %